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"Hands down the best decision we made when it came to planning our wedding. Grace was absolutely amazing to work with. She was beyond helpful and did everything she could to make our video perfect! Grace was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our video. From my first conversation with Grace I knew I made a good decision when it came to picking out a videographer...but I had no idea it would become the BEST decision of our wedding day. Now we have this masterpiece film to cherish for the rest of our lives ❤ I HIGHLY recommend humming meadow productions to capture your special day - you won't regret it!" 


"I was debating on whether or not to even get a videographer since I already had two photographers, but I am so glad that I made the choice to have Grace a part of our wedding. She is incredible! Grace was always so flexible with meeting before the wedding to make sure that everything was organized for the big day. She is a beautiful person inside and out and worked well with my other vendors. Pictures are wonderful, but there is nothing like live action shots to help you remember something that special in years to come. Grace went over and beyond to make our video something that we LOVED! We can't thank her enough for the hard work that she put in. I highly recommend her to capture moments on your wedding day. She is so great at customizing whatever you want. Don't miss out on this opportunity, her talent is a rare find!"

"Grace and Brett did an AMAZING job at capturing our wedding day! They had so many great ideas for us to do and even though it was raining they embraced the rain with us and got the best shots!! Love love love them!! If anyone is doubting that they should get a wedding video I would highly recommend that you do and use humming meadow productions!!!"



​​​"Grace was BEYOND wonderful on all accounts for my wedding. The quality of her work with the video and meshing together clips from all parts of the day with the music I selected was outstanding. During the day, she was promptly on time and blended in with the service, capturing every special moment of that day that I requested, plus more. It was a very comfortable experience being around her, as if she belonged there. Everything she captured on video was natural and elegant, which to me, was super important. I would recommend her to anyone I knew getting married."

​​"I HIGHLY recommend a professional wedding video and I wouldn't choose anyone else other than Humming Meadow Productions to do it! Grace Jones went above and beyond for my special day. I was hesitant at first about spending money on a professional wedding video but when I came across Grace's website and saw her work, I knew I had to have one and HER! From the first day Grace and I met to discuss video packages, I fell in love with her. Grace was so helpful and on top of things! The day of my wedding, she fit right in with our families and she captured it all. Our wedding video is the best and I would've paid double or whatever needed to have it. It was the best money I spent and so worth it! Now that our day is over, we have so many memories and a video that we can share with everyone, including our kids one day! Humming Meadow Productions will not let you down! Their work is amazing!!" 


"If you're a bride to be deciding if you should add videography into your wedding expenses, choosing Humming Meadow Productions to capture the moments you want to remember always, is hands down the best decision you will make. I would have cut back on catering, my dress, photography, & other expenses to ensure that I had my wedding video done by these videographers. Instead of showing family or guests still pictures, I can play my video as if they were experiencing our special day for the first time. Be sure to check out their website & see for yourself how amazing and talented this company is!!"

"My husband and I were not sure if we wanted a video of our wedding or not. We decided to meet with Grace and all clicked instantly. She is such a sweet and honest person. We booked her that night. Now that we have our video back we realized that we absolutely made a great decision! Your wedding day is such a blur looking back and I am so glad to have our video to pull up and watch whenever I want to! Every video is different, it fits the couple's personalities and tells the story of who they are. You cannot go wrong here. Money well spent!"



​​"WOW - Grace is an artist. She captured the wedding beautifully and helped us re-live a day that was an absolute blur. She was flexible, easy to work with, provided solutions and delivered an amazing product. A simple thank you isn't enough. This is one expense, when planning a wedding budget, that you should not cut - long after the flowers and invitations are gone, you'll have a beautiful memory of one of the most special days in someone's life."


"Words could never do justice to how grateful we are to Grace and the awesome job she did on our video. Having a videographer was one of the things that we went back and forth with, as we weren’t sure if we wanted to spend the extra money. Grace came highly recommended from our photographer, and now I understand why. Hands down, having Grace document our day was the best decision we ever made. First of all, we were able to see things that we missed: our wedding party walking down the aisle, special moments with each other throughout the day, emotional moments with our parents before the ceremony, etc. Also, so much of our day was a blur because it went by so incredibly fast. Within the first 10 seconds of the video, I was taken right back to the day and how magical it was. To be able to relive the best day of your life over and over is priceless. Grace could charge a million dollars and it would be worth it. I have had this video for a week, and I have watched it no less than 25 times. On top of the breathtaking video, Grace is just magnificent. Unlike most of my other vendors, she actually reached out to me several times in order to meet/discuss things. I never had to chase her down. She was quick to return my emails and was always so sweet/accommodating when I had a strange idea. I also tend to be a little indecisive, and she was very patient! From the moment I met her, I knew we were going to have a stellar video. You could just tell she was down to earth, exceptionally talented and creative, and she wanted our video to be “us.” On the day of the wedding, she was early, extremely professional, so sweet and personable and patient with everyone wrapped up in the chaos of the day. Humming Meadow Productions is worth the investment a hundred times over. I will recommend them to anyone/everyone I come across that is looking for a videographer to document a special occasion. You could never find anyone as wonderful and talented as them. Thank you so much Grace!!"


"Grace is an amazing person and videographer. She is very pleasant to work with and professional. But most of all, she's creative. She had great ideas for things for my husband and I do to while she was filming that really made the video, like asking me to twirl around in my dress to capture the movement. I was very nervous about being filmed, and she completely put me at ease. Furthermore, I was blown away with the final product - a video that impeccably captured all of the work and love that went into the wedding day. When I've shown family and friends our video, they've often commented that they've never seen a wedding video like it. Grace puts so much care into what she does, and it really shows. I was originally apprehensive about getting a wedding video in the first place, but I can now say that it was one of the best things we invested our money in, and that we will be watching it again and again for years to come!"

"Humming Meadow Productions is simply amazing. They are with you from start to finish, spending time with both wedding parties focusing on every detail. They can make the most beautiful video for your special day. They are all over doing thier best to get every aspect and angle. I highly recommend them if you want a videographer! I was simply in awe when watching the ones they made of previous weddings and then when I finally got to see mine complete I was just in shock by how many emotions came back from that day! Grace is just absolutely, beautifuly amazing and talented and one of the friendlist people you will meet!"


​​​​​​​"Grace is not just the best videographer that we have ever met, but one of the most incredible people that we have ever come into contact with. The first time we met to talk about making the video, she made it clear that she wanted this to be everything that we could ever want in a video. She took notes about what was special to us, and what we were sure that we wanted caught on camera. On the day of our wedding she spent an incredible amount of time with the both of us, getting every little detail on camera. From the time that she arrived to our hotel room to the hour that she left the venue, she had a 13 hour event on camera. The ENTIRE 13 hours, she was smiling non-stop. Grace is such a passionate person when it comes to making wedding videos, making sure that she makes her work perfect. We could not have asked for a better memory than that of our video when looking back on our best day! Grace, thank you so much for catching every important, emotional, and special detail in our wedding video. We will cherish this gem forever!"

​​"Words cannot express how much Humming Meadow & my wedding video mean to me! Grace is such an easy going professional to work with who spends adequate time with you to really get to know you & your personality so that she can make your wedding video match exactly what you have dreamed of. If you're having doubts about having your wedding videoed, please reconsider! It's so special to know I can go back & relive the most special day of my life over & over again with such a high quality video! Grace is an amazing videographer & person! You will not be disappointed!"


​​​​​​"Oh my goodness, where do I begin?? It's hard to believe it's been 3 months since our son's wedding. It was such a beautiful day, everything went great....and I can't even begin to say how wonderful the videographer was! From the first time we met with her at Starbucks, to the day she came to our home to video the "Love Story" of Jake & Lauren, to the actual wedding day. Grace is such a happy, energetic person! Her personality is just the best, she's one of those folks that you meet and immediately take a liking to. Her professionalism is amazing, and her imagination is unbelieveable. I looked out at one time to see her up in a tree........just to get the best shot and angle. Who does that?? She made what is unquestionably a very hectic day much more at ease. Grace arrived at the wedding venue early, offering her help and it was as if she wasn't there...but yet she was everywhere. The video is simply beautiful, sweet, and funny all at the same time. We will all cherish this keepsake forever. I would definitely recommend her to others, I challenge anyone to find anyone better. Thanks again to Humming Meadow Productions, you are simply the best."​


​"Our wedding video was incredibly beautiful. Grace did the perfect job capturing the essence of our wedding day. I can't wait to watch, cherish and share the film with loved ones throughout the years. Her work I think speaks for itself. I couldn't be happier with my decision to use Humming Meadow Productions to capture the happiest day of my life."​

​​​​"I can not express how amazing Humming Meadow Productions was at capturing every moment in our wedding and reception! The emotions harnessed in our wedding video made me literally laugh and cry at the same time! When we look back on our wedding day, this is what we will look to for our memories. The amount of creativity, uniqueness, thought, and professionalism was absolutely priceless. My wife and I were excited about the video but we had no idea at how epic it was until we watched it! We wouldn't have it any other way and you shouldn't either. Their services are like no other, so do yourself a favor and contact Humming Meadow Productions for your wedding!"

​​​​"Grace was AMAZING. I knew I wanted her to film mine & Ethan's wedding as soon as I saw a wedding she did last year. I fell in love with her work! She's so talented & great to work with! She's so professional when it comes to her work and makes you feel so comfortable! She was awesome on the wedding day. She ran around from the morning of the wedding until the end. She works very hard and it definitely shows in her work. I absolutely love my video. I fall in love with it all over again every time I watch it. My family loved every minute of it! You won't go wrong if you book her!!"

​​"Grace was the best! I coudn't have asked for a more creative and understanding videographer. She flawlessly captured every important moment and detail of our wedding and created us an amazing video! She is very passionate about her work, which allowed her to perfectly portray the emotion and feelings that were felt on our big day! Our video is more than I ever dreamed it could be and I can't stop watching it."

Grace at Humming Meadow Productions is the best at what she does. Not only is she charming and professional, but her work truly speaks for itself. With Grace, it's all about the little details. Her shots are amazing and the editing has a personality of its own. Highly recommended.

"Humming Meadow provided us with a service that surpassed any expectations I could have had! I'll admit, I was at first hesitant to hire a videographer... wedding costs can compile rather quickly. Grace talked us through several options and packages she offers, and soon found a plan that would fit our budget while enlightening us on all the possibilities of visual art and memorable styles. On the wedding day, Grace really felt like one of the family. She was so positive and helpful, I honestly felt grateful to have her there. The wedding itself flew bye, and while it was an exceptional night, I had no idea how great it had been until the following week when she sent us our video!! Grace did more than film the actions of our special day; she captured the essence of our moment, our friendships and promises. To all future grooms out there.... I know most of us are not overly happy about wedding cost, but if you have to pick one aspect of a wedding to splurge on, go with Humming Meadow Productions. This is one way to give your wife a wedding present that she will enjoy and relive for the rest of her life!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GRACE!!!!!"

​​​​​"Grace is fantastic! She genuinely wants to give you a beautiful video to capture your day and is open to work with any ideas you may have. She also offers wonderful suggestions and has the energy, optimism and talent to pull them off! I feel like she really listened to what I wanted and gave me a video that captured the fun and laid back vibe of our wedding day. For me, being center of attention and on camera is awkward but she struck up conversation and made the process feel natural and relaxed. I highly recommend Humming Meadow Productions. I have watched my video 3 times since I got it last night and smile the entire time. It's such a joy to get to witness so many moments I just couldn't be there for but Grace was :)"


"Upon planning my wedding, I knew I wanted a videographer, however, I wasn't sure if my budget would allow me to or not. Thankfully I got what I wanted and booked Grace.  She met up with me within the same week; I signed our contract and she kept in full contact even through my wedding day. She made everything so easy and effortless. I changed my music for our video more times that I can count and she never got annoyed and only had wonderful things to say to me! Yesterday, she took time out of her day to hand deliver our wedding video and I was BLOWN AWAY! Her talent is out of this world and if you are questioning whether or not to book with her..question no more. Grace made my wedding day that much more special because now I can re-watch it everyday if I want. I highly recommend her, and hope you get the chance to experience her awesomeness! :)" 



"A few months before my wedding I was concerned with the fact that I hadn't hired a videographer. For about six months I had gone back and forth whether or not to hire a videographer, knowing that our wedding budget had been reached long before then. I was worried that I would regret the decision of not having our day documented in a way that we could relive the day besides just through photographs. I wanted to "feel" all the emotions of the day and I knew that a wedding video would allow me to do that over and over after the wedding. When initially meeting Grace I was still skeptical of whether or not I would move forward and if the cost would be worth it. I left our first meeting with a contract signed and couldn't be happier. From the beginning, I could tell that Humming Meadow Productions would meet every expectation that I had and that it would be money well spent. I have been blown away by the patience and willingness this company has had to make sure I was 100% happy with the product. Any question or request that I have had has been met and exceeded. I am so thankful that I found Humming Meadow Productions and I can truly say that if done again, I wouldn't do it any other way."



"They are absolutly wonderful! Mitch was amazing the day of the wedding. So sweet and honestly, I barley noticed him... Once the wedding started, I don't think I ever saw him! Absolutley LOVE our video and how quick they are with responding to emails...which I sent SO many and had SO many tweaks and it was NEVER a problem. Even after the video was posted They still made sure that everything was perfect for me! I highly would reccommend them! Great, great, GREAT group of people!"
"My husband and I decided to video our wedding at the very last minute. We are beyond happy that we decided to capture our special day! It was one of the best decisions we made! Grace was very helpful, informative and easy to work with. I would recommend her!"



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- Sarah
- Jodi
- Abby
- Cassandra
- Courtney
- Mallorie
- Jessica
- Michelle
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